Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 7

Hey all!

Today my guest is someone whose papercrafting journey I’ve followed around blogland for a while. And Its such fun to see her where she is at today! My guest today is Wendy Ramlakhan from SugarPea Designs!


Here is the video interview for you with lots of coloring discussion! Enjoy!


Wendy and I used her favorite stamp set from SugarPea Designs! Hug-a-Bull (great punny name!)

And take a look at what we came up with!


Here are our cards. Mine on the left and Wendy’s on the right.


Its all about Copics and color this week 🙂 I had to put my best foot forward for the coloring because Wendy’s coloring is super awesome!


SugarPea Designs is sponsoring the giveaway today! Thanks Wendy!!


Because Wendy is SO AWESOME, she is sponsoring 2 giveaways today!!! One lucky winner from comments in THIS POST gets a $15 gift certificate (not $10 as we said in the video!) to the SugarPea Designs shop!

The second giveaway is on Wendy’s blog and also for $15 gift certificate! So after you comment here, head over and leave a comment on her blog too! Twice the chance is twice as good right? 🙂

For the first giveaway, just leave a comment here answering Wendy’s question from the video interview! I’ll choose a random winner from the comments. Here is Wendy’s question for you again…


What are some of your favorite punny sentiments?


Hope you enjoyed the episode! Looking forward to getting some good LOLs this week with your punny sentiments!!


  1. Crafty Math Chick

    This set and your creation is totally adora-bull! (sorry, couldn’t resist). The last time I tried to color on fabric the cloth just sucked SO much ink out of my marker that I have not been brae enough to try it again, the effect you achieved is truly beautiful though! Now I am tempted…


    1. Crafty Math Chick

      I also love sentiments like ‘sending hogs & kisses’ with a stuffed pig for valentine’s day, ‘to one of my favorite Peeps’ with marshmallow Peeps on Easter and ‘thanks sew much’ to attach to mini sewing kits or homemade pin cushions – punny sentiments are perfect for tags for all sore of little pick-me-up gifts!


  2. Marie

    Any fin is possible if you don’t trout yourself!

    Hi Ladies, What a fun interview. It was my first intro to Sweat Pea Designs and I love the punny!

    Hope you dophinitely keep up the good work!

    Best fishes,


  3. Irene Grau

    This set is so cute and the cards lovely. My dad is from Spain and I’ve been eyeing this set for a while. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!


  4. Amy Cooley

    Great card and very cute set. I’ve seen a stamp set with a fan that said “you’re fan-tastic”. So cute!


  5. sharla~

    Great cards and what a fun feature! I like punny sets that have to do with animals….that makes them pretty versatile! “fishing you a happy birtday, or “swimming by to say hi” Thanks for the chance to win!!!


  6. Judy

    I enjoyed the fun interview! I like to use punny sentiments on cards for kids, especially if I use animal images. I computer generated a “sliding by to say hi” sentiment for a card with a snake or “flying by to say hi” with a bird or airplane. Thanks for a chance to win!


  7. Carla Hundley

    Wonderful looking
    cards. I like all
    the owl sayings
    like, Whoo loves you;
    Owl always love you;
    You’re a Hoot!
    Carla from Utah


  8. Samantha F.

    Wonderful story on your company’s beginnings. I love quirky saying “oh snap!” and if it was on a card I would have a crab claw in there somewhere. My other faves are drink related such as soda-lighted and thanks a latte!


  9. Barb Ghig

    Hi Chaitali ~ Thank you so much for another really fun interview! I really enjoyed getting to know Wendy and her fabulous stamp company!

    Some of my favorite punny sentiments are ‘Don’t be Koi with me’ and ‘The tassel is worth the hassel’…so clever!

    Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!


  10. Chitra

    Love her interview and just realized when she said about her markers purchase experience, my husband said the same thing…
    I really love all the punny sentiments like you float my boat, purr-fect friend… They are so fun to use..


  11. Sue D

    Enjoyed the interview and the cards. I just recently discovered Sugar Pea Designs.
    I like punny sentiments to go with animals like What’s Moo?, Hope your special day is Toad-ally awesome!, Just Bee-cause, Have a Bee-utiful day, etc.


  12. Jennyfer L

    Both cards are adorbs and I love the awesome video! My fave punny sentiments are We are a great pear, thanks a Melon, You’re a smartcookie, You’re a lifesaver, From you know hoo. Thanks for the chance.


  13. Michele Ferguson

    “No need to be Koi” would be a stamp I’d make if I could. Great interview, Chaitali! My daughter ruined my dining room table using markers on poster paper, Wendy!! It still says “Way to go Beav” an homage to her friend Jason who played high school hockey whose nickname is Beaver =] Come to my house and there is always a table cloth =]


  14. Miriam Prantner

    Sadly the first thing that came to mind was “Bite Me”….but I’ve been following Wendy’s work for a while, so I’m quite sure she could fold that in to one, or maybe multiple themed sets! 😉


  15. Becky

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh-mazing video!

    I watched the whole thing…twice!

    I loved hearing all of the answers and Wendy seems so “sweet” in person. It’s so nice to know such an amazing woman is heading such a lovely company! I will continue to buy their amazing stamps from them!

    xx Becky

    p.s. Thanks for the chance to win!


  16. Denise Bryant

    Both of you did great with your Copic coloring!
    I like the “A Little Bird Told Me…” type of sentiments to go along with some sweet bird designs.


  17. marylouh

    Oh ship, I forgot your birthday.
    Sent this to a friend and I thought he would fall on the floor laughing.
    Love the bullfighter.


  18. Mary-Anne V.

    I just love this interview because I was so happy to hear that Wendy was starting a new stamp company and her stamps are just so sweet! Some punny sentiments I like are “I moosed your birthday”, “I’m soda-lighted you’re my friend.” are two that come to mind.


  19. Sallee P.

    Another great interview! My fave punny sayings are ones with fruits and other foods, like “I love you berry much!”


  20. Kailash

    Hey Chaitali, I’m so sure I posted a comment here earlier but don’t see it now. I love the interview with Wendy. The punny sentiments I love are “bee well” in place of a bee, just cute and ” I love you so mulch”, would be perfect for a good friend who loves gardening LOL!!!


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