Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 6

Hey everyone!

Did you enjoy the break week? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the inspiration challenge. You have a whole month to play along until the NEXT break week!

But today I am back with another fun guest! Her cards are seriously works of art! You’ll LOVE them if you haven’t seen them already. Clap with me to welcome Mayuri (Flubidoo)!


Enjoy the video interview!


Mayuri and I used Neat And Tangled Sets for our ingredients! 2 fabulous sets! The first was the Sunburst background set and the second was the Sparkle and Shine set.



Here is what we both made! My card on the left and Mayuri’s on the right.


I LOVED copying Mayuri’s style. There is just SO much drama in it! Put me out of my comfort zone but I felt great after making this!


Neat & Tangled is sponsoring our giveaway today! Thanks Danielle!! One lucky winner gets $20 gift certificate to the Neat & Tangled shop!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Mayuri’s question from the video interview! I’ll choose a random winner from the comments. Here is Mayuri’s question for you again…


Where do you find your source of inspiration from?


Think beyond Pinterest and think far and wide for inspiration! Looking forward to reading your answers!!


  1. Andrene

    My newest source (which I picked up from Runway Inspired Challenge) is from clothing store websites. I now look at a shirt or dress and think of what stamp I have that resembles the photo. My other sources are Pinterest (of course), blogs and card magazines.


  2. Kailash

    Such a lovely interview with Mayuri, love her fabulous style!!! My source of inspiration comes from believe it or not walking around in the mall and looking at all the amazing patterns and colors at different stores, it could be from bedding to clothing. Card magazines and blogs are another great source too.


  3. conil

    Very nice interview and card share. Isn’t Mayuri gorgeous. WOW! The last card I made came to me while sleeping so I don’t know what inspired me.


  4. Patricia Stoneking

    What a lovely interview! Wow, this interview was a great inspiration! My fellow crafters inspire me. We share stamps, supplies, ideas, and get together as often as we can. Recently, my friends borrowed my box of dies, spent a couple of days using them, and what they created has given me lots of ideas for cards in the future! Sharing spurs on my creativity! Thanks again for a super interview! Pat


  5. Elizabeth Lumsden

    Great interview and wonderful cards from both of you. My source of inspiration is my crazy mind. I read a lot and subscribe to many blogs and Youtube sideos so everything jumbles up in there and whatever comes out, comes out!


  6. Eileen L.

    Great video Chaitali. Nice to meet you Mayuri. Loved both of your cards.

    I get my inspiration from so many places, YouTube, blogposts, die and stamp companies websites designer and Splitcoast Stampers site.


  7. Vicki Smith

    My inspiration comes from the stamp companies whose designers always provide wonderful inspiration making me want to run to my craft room and try to duplicate the idea or try a new technique I had never thought of.
    Pinterest is another great site to get ideas on beautiful cards.


  8. Carol Mc

    Love the interview. Amazing how different your cards are, when your using the same stamp sets.

    Sources of inspiration – fashion magazines, color schemes in nature, my 4 year old great niece, the blogworld, Flea Market Flip, and of course Pinterest.


  9. Virginia L.

    It is delightful to know more about Mayuri and her fabulous style in card-making! My source of inspiration come from window shopping! I love the latest and trendiest window displays….I find them super inspiring!


  10. Sallee P.

    Great episode! I find inspiration in the home decor arena as well as the myriad card making blogs around the Web! Thanks, ladies!


  11. Berina Febin

    Such a lovely interview!! love both the cards!! actually to be frank, I do not have a fixed source of inspiration!! seeing other people’s blogs is 1 of them… pinterest is ofcourse 1 of them 🙂 beyond these, the ad hoardings do inspire me!!! and whenever I go to a shopping mall, I find that something or the other there inspires me to create something!!
    Moxie Craftie


  12. Barb Ghig

    Another great interview, Chaitali! Both of your cards are so beautiful, and it was great fun to ‘get to know’ Mayuri a little better! Thank you!

    I find my inspiration mostly from Card Challenges! It’s fun to see different design styles, sketches and color combos, and playing along has really helped me to grow!

    Looking forward to next week!


  13. Sherry

    My inspiration comes from magazines, the way a sunset looks, a pattern in a dress, a piece do fabric and of course from blogs of my favorite designers. I am fairly new to card making and am always trying out new techniques.


  14. Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

    Thanks for another very entertaining Episode! I’m also excited about the challenge and entered my card earlier this evening, loved the idea and the format!

    As for inspiration, I love to play in challenges and that’s where I also find a lot of my ideas for card making and with so many amazing challenges out there, I can always find something new and creative. I love a variety of challenges too — Sketch, color combo, CAS, Copic coloring and so much more.

    I also love taking online card classes and my favorites are always at the Online Card Classroom, which is hosted by the always amazing Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner!



  15. c

    Another fabulous interview; engaging, entertaining and enlightening!
    I find inspiration mainly through blogs of challenges I enter. The dazzling delights designers create with colours, themes, sketches, photos/cards sparks ideas, and off I go, venturing to my craft *kitchen counter zone* (seriously…between the sink and the fridge in my ‘area’) to dabble away. Just this weekend, I was inspired by the Sequito make more and more). Thank you again for the great interviews and all the learning that comes as a result! Oh yes – I’m also inspired by YOU! Your cards are amazing!


  16. shartl

    Love your interviews and finding out how others find their inspiration. I don’t have any friends who are crafters so I look to blogs and videos for much of my inspiration. I also seem to find many creative ideas while playing with my pre-school daughter. The colors of her toys, and her imaginative approach to life often tickles my crafty funny bone!


  17. Carol Perry

    What an inspiring interview. Just loved how both cards were so completely different which was so interesting. I did go visit her website and am so impressed with her beautiful cards.
    What inspires me is other blogs, videos using different techniques, and the Online Card Classes. Wish I had more time in entering challenges but find it hard struggling between work and family as it is. Thank you so much for these interviews. They are so good in every way.


  18. Pat McCleary

    Another great interview, this time with an artist I did not know. Now that I do, I have a new blog to follow. And those blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration for me. I’m not imaginative, so someone else’s ideas are a terrific place for me to start. Thanks for another fun interview & thanks for a chance to win.


  19. Dianne Guilinger

    I look at lots of blog posts and pinterest, but in the end, the inspiration comes from my crazy mixed up mind! A lot of times, I look at what is laying around in my disorganized space and think up something to do with it. I don’t know what I’m doing, and I just keep working “till I’m done”, haha. People who are more artistic than me sometimes comment that they would “never have thought” to put certain colors together, but they like they way my cards turn out. Mostly, I just want to have fun!


  20. irene g.

    Great question! I find inspiration mostly from those whose work I aspire to emulate. I’ll explore pinterest, but often will do a google image search of a stamp set to see what others have done. I also love to peruse card magazines, so get inspired there. Finally, I’ve started paying attention to things around me for inspiration on color combos, textures, patterns, etc.


  21. Heather - housesbuiltofcards

    How fun! I definitely find lots of inspiration on Pinterest – but sometimes I laugh at myself, because I literally see inspiration EVERYWHERE! I find myself sitting in church looking at the flowers, or at dinner looking at how the food came arranged on the plate, or looking at someones clothes or boots, or a package in the grocery store and feeling inspired! I can see a card everywhere!


  22. Tracey McNeely

    Fabulous cards Mayuri! Enjoyed the video. I find most of my inspiration from visiting craft blogs–both personal and manufacturers. Now if that isn’t enough Pinterest and print magazines are a great backup!


  23. Amy

    Honestly, just watching you and your great big smile puts a smile on my face. Thanks for the lift at the end of a long long day. My inspiration comes from reading you blog and others in this wonderful world of crafting. Thank you so much.


  24. Victoria H.

    Oh I so enjoy these interviews and the fantastic guests you have chosen!
    I find my inspiration every where; there are color combination just every where you look. There are so many talented and inspirational crafty websites like Ellen Hutson, Papertrey Ink, Gina K. and Splitcoast; they have tutorials, information, and galleries galore. I also find inspiration on Pinterest and Facebook.


  25. Madeline Rains

    I am inspired by blogs and by catalogs, especially the Anthropologie catalog. I can’t afford the clothes but love the art inspiration!


  26. KMCorby

    Another nice interview, Chaitali. It’s interesting to see how different your cards came out. I think I get my inspiration mostly from the craft supplies themselves — a stamp set, a piece of patterned paper, a color of ink, gives me an idea how to use it. I also like to read magazines and books to find projects to do. I don’t like Pinterest, though. It is so relentlessly girly-girly. That’s not me.


  27. Carmen M.

    I get my inspiration for all over the place. Sometimes it is blog surfing. Sometimes it is pinterest. Sometimes it is from an item I know I want to use… Nature what is happening around me…


  28. VijaylaxmiSiyal

    Hi Chaitali N Mayuri……Totally enjoyed this so much inspiring n grt interview…loved the both cards from u both….Inspite of Pinterest all my inspiration comes from my Mind N Soul and also from the very talented crafters like u both all around the world….:)
    Thanks for the giveaway n fun session…!!


  29. Mary-Anne V.

    Great iron craft cards! I find my best inspiration from other card maker blogs and ads in magazines.


  30. Bobby

    It’s so much fun to join you on these interviews. I think my major source of inspiration is from the galleries of card challenges. There are so many great card makers out there and they inspire me.


  31. Lu C

    That was another great interview ! My inspiration comes from card galleries although my finished product usually bears little resemblance. I love using my old Cold Water Creek catalogs for color inspiration, as I have NO talent whatsoever in putting together a cohesive color scheme. I have yet to begin at Pinterest since I already spend way to much time reading blogs and such 🙂 Maybe after I retire and have more free time!


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