5 Things

Hey folks!

I couldn’t NOT post today. I just HAD to! Why? Have you checked the date today? Its my kind of day šŸ˜‰

So I thought long and hard about what I could post then decided to feature a special guest on my blog today! He has made an appearance many times before but today, he gets ALL the spotlight in this little video. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

Hope this got you to chuckle a bit today! A BIG THANKS to my husband, Vamsi, for always letting me fool around with crafting whenever I want to ā¤ And if you came here looking for this week’s Iron Craft episode, here it is!


  1. Patricia Stoneking

    Got a big SMILE! Have loved your videos & since I’m new to your blog clicked on your end year 2013 summary & goals for 2014! Keeping your crafting hobby fun & remembering what’s most important in life, well this video says it all in such a sweet way! Video reminded me, I have a sweet guy for a husband, who always thinks my craft projects are wonderful, too! Congratulations! You are achieving a lot of your goals & seem to be having fun! Pat


    1. Chaitali

      Thankyou Pat! For liking the video, for looking at my goals and encouraging me on them and most of all for making my day with such a beautiful comment! Hope you will visit often and we can stay in touch through the blog!


  2. c

    Oh my goodness, Chaitali, what a heart-warming, smile-making, day-brightening video – and your husband is AWESOME! What a gem he is for being your #1 fan! I can only imagine that your home is filled with much laughter and love! Thank you for sharing Vamsi with us! My husband, too, is pretty great when it comes to encouraging my crafting. We’re a couple of lucky people, aren’t we, to have such wonderful men in our lives! Your video will have me happy dancing all day!


  3. Virginia L.

    Totally true!! Your hubby is such a great sport! A KEEPER šŸ™‚ How cute are you two!!?? I am so sharing this video with my hubby! Thanks for the smile today!!!!


  4. karenladd

    I only recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it so much! Not only do I love your projects but this video made my day start out with a big smile! So sweet to see how supportive your hubby is!! (loved seeing him in the craft aisle at the store!)


  5. Winnie

    Oh, I see you have a sweet and supportive hubby just like I do. Made me chuckle and smile to watch this. I took Alan to the store last Saturday and he heads right to my favorite section etc. He takes all my pics for my blog and all those things on your list. So glad you can share what you love with him.


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