Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 1

Hey everyone!

So so so exciting to come back with Iron Craft Season 2 this year!! Are you excited? Because I AM!!!

If you have been a follower of Season 1, you know how it works already. If not, the short summary is that this is a weekly feature on my blog where I invite celebrity crafters over and we craft together with the same “ingredients”. You can read more about the feature and see Season 1 episodes here.

I’m back this year with Season 2 and there are some HUGE changes this time! The biggest change is that I’m going to start doing video interviews with my guests! Yup! Talk-show style interviews. Wouldn’t it be fun to know your crafty friends a bit better? Thats what we will do via video chats traversing the globe!

Now what are we waiting for?! Lets get on with the first episode shall we? I have a BiG BIG season opener for you!


My guest today is the fantabulous Julie Ebersole!!! Yes I have had her on Iron Craft last season. No it wasn’t enough! So today I have her back for a video interview and some crafting together! Enjoy the video!


As you saw in the video, Julie and I used the same ingredients. This stencil by Ronda Palazarri and Wendy Vecchi White embossing paste.

And we forgot to mention in the video but we had a third ingredient. Rather a non-ingredient 🙂 NO STAMPS!

Yeah it was one of those days when I was feeling brave! I don’t know what got into me (should try and remember what I had for breakfast that day) but I challenged Julie to make a card with these ingredients and NO stamps! :O


Here is what we came up with! My card on the left and Julie’s on the right.


What was I thinking challenging Julie?! Her card is as AMAZING as ever!! And she has some excellent tips in the video about how she made it! For my card, I tried to cram in as many Julie trends as I could! The thread. the paint splatter, the black edge… all Julie!


Thanks to Ellen from Ellen Hutson, we have a VERY generous giveaway today!! A $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner!!!

Store Credit 50

Thats huge folks! You could go on a mega mega shopping spree with it!! So how do you win it? Simple. Just leave a comment on this post answering the question Julie asked in the interview. Here is Julie’s question again for you…


What is your favorite trend in the papercraft world?


You have until 11:59 pm EST on March 23 to put in your answer in the comments!

Thats all for today folks! Julie and I look forward to reading your comments. And don’t forget to follow my blog and/or my Facebook page and/or my Youtube channel to get the newest Iron Craft episode every week! Thanks ❤


  1. Genevieve

    Thank you for organizing this interview we could feel the energy and in most videos we only see hands .. Although julie says she has a clumsy hand i feel she is precise and works like a surgeon ( ask me how I know;) )
    My favorite trend would be online videos where people share the process and if that doesn’t count the new ink formulas


    1. Chaitali

      *giggle* yes I think of Julie’s work as a surgeon too! Sometimes when she is using her tweezers I feel like she may have a mask and gloves on 🙂 Shhh don’t tell her I said that!


  2. Cresta Woodruff

    My favorite trend really is wood! I use the little wood veneer shapes on almost everything. They are so awesome. I loved your interview with Julie. You are both so fun! Can’t wait for more episodes. Thanks so much!


  3. Maureen P

    What an awesome video! I love Julie too 🙂 Her smile and laugh are infectious! I’m really loving the sequins on cards and am still loving doilies for over a year!


  4. Angela R

    I love seeing what people make with on element, they are two totally different and amazing cards. Great job ladies you too are fabulous!


  5. Kathy McDonald

    My favorite trend is feathers. Feather stamps, in particular. I also love word dies.

    GREAT interview! Isn’t Julie just the best?! I’ve been fortunate to take a number of classes from her, and they are always incredibly fun and I go home totally inspired and ready to get crafty.


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