Joining the Sweet Intern Program!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to be a part of the Sweet Intern Program! At the risk of a little rambling, I’ll go a bit more into my reasons behind joining this program.

Like most of you, I began my journey into papercrafting with one ink pad, one stamp from the dollar bin at Michaels and a few sheets of paper. That small stash grew to what can really be called a collection and now occupies an entire room in my house!

As I stamped more and created more cards, I started seeing the holes that needed filling. I started thinking more and more to myself – “Oh why isn’t there this kind of stamp?!” or “Oh this would make such a good stamp!”. If you have visited my blog, you probably know that I am a curious crafter; one who is always seeking out new things to try and new experiments to do to keep my hobby fun!

That started my quest to learn illustrating! I am grateful to Jessica for giving me my first break with TSG and making some of my designs into stamp sets! After TSG closed its doors in December last year, I felt that my illustrating journey was just beginning and I wanted to continue on. I wanted to learn more and I had a lot of questions I wanted to find answers to.

The Sweet Intern Program gave me this opportunity. I learnt Adobe Illustrator through this program. Though the major part of learning happened with googling and youtube, it was useful to know that there was a forum of illustrators I could turn to for help. I picked up many nuances of what defines the “stampability” of a design – how to make stamps that can be produced easily and will stamp well. I learnt the “business of stamping” – how to take an idea and convert it into a marketable stamp set. Most of all, this program helped me find and define my style!

I cannot end this rambling without mentioning that I made some very talented and fun friends via this program! And I also cannot end without saying that we have very patient and very experienced teachers (Hiya Nicole and Alyssa!) who helped us along the journey.

So I hope you will consider signing up for this program too if you want to be an illustrator!

And I also hope you will enjoy my designs as much as I have enjoyed making them! Psst… there is a a sneaky peek of them in my blog header! Stay tuned for some of them releasing soon!!! 🙂


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