What Next??

If you are here looking for the next Iron Craft episode, thankyou for being a regular reader! I have decided to put Iron Craft on a break for sometime. I’ll bring it back in its Season 2 eventually but for now its taking a break.

I’ve had a very eventful year so far as far as crafting goes! From being on a fabulous DT to Iron Craft to doing my first ever Craft Fair, its been fun!!

I want to move on to try out a few other things now though.

There are some things I’m working on that you will hear about shortly. I’m also working on my writing skills a bit these days. I used to enjoy writing a lot before cardmaking and I want to get back to that hobby for a bit. I hope you like short stories because you may be seeing some of those mixed in with cards here!

Thanks for sticking with me on my journey!


  1. c

    WOW – new adventures for you! While I’ll miss Iron Craft (because it’s brilliant and unique!!), I’m glad you’ll still be sharing and inspiring on your blog! Kudos to you for writing, especially short stories, as they are a challenging genre! As a former English teacher (left to explore other less ‘marking heavy’ opportunities), I admire those who love to write (I’m so not a writer! Teacher yes; writer, nope). Looking forward to all kinds of ‘cuts and crops’ of creativity from you! I know you’ll continue to dazzle us!!


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