Stay connected without Google Reader!

Hey everyone! Have you heard the news about Google Reader? Its going to be turned down on July 1. Hopefully you have found a replacement that works for you by now! If you are still following me on Reader, first thanks so much for following me! Next, read on for ways you can stay in touch after Reader is turned down!


This is my personal favorite currently! I am getting all my reads on Feedly and love that it has a crisp, CAS look 🙂 It looks great on my desktop and laptop and also has a very good Android app. I must say I’m enjoying the “magazine” look with a cover story and other stories. The card photos look fabulous too.  Follow me on Feedly by clicking the button below.

follow us in feedly


This seems like the next popular choice. I haven’t tried it personally but I’ve seen it recommended by a fair number of crafters. If you use it, you can follow me there! Just click the button below and you are set!

Follow on Bloglovin

I also cross-post all my posts along with some extra content on various social media sites. So here are some more places you can follow me and still get all the newest content on Cuts, Crops and Creativity.


Have you checked out Google+ yet? You should if not! You will like the clean layout if you are a CAS person and the photos look beautiful there. I post my blog content on my G+ page too. There is another reason you may want to join my G+ page but I won’t tell you that yet *wink* You will just have to trust me on this one and join!



Like my page on Facebook and stay connected there! And its easier to leave comments and message me there too 🙂 I also periodically post extra content on my FB page. Hope you will join me there too!


I have quite a few boards on Pinterest for my own crafts and also for inspiring photos and crafts from others! If you are a very visual crafter like me, you may want to follow me there!

Cuts, Crops and Creativity

Apart from these I post my videos on Youtube and am around on Twitter too though I don’t use it as much as the social networks listed here. You can get links to both on the top right corner of my blog.

Hope you will join me and keep visiting my blog! Please do leave a comment when you visit. It makes my day and I love visiting you back!!

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