Iron Craft #15

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Did anything fun?? Hope you are ready for another Iron Craft episode! Great way to begin your week, isn’t it? 😉


JJBoltonMy guest today actually doesn’t need any introduction! You must be living under a rock if you don’t know her! She has won many challenges, been in the top 10 of Gallery Idol 2012, been published several times and is on quite a few awesome design teams including Avery Elle!

Yes! Start the clapping and cheering because JJ Bolton is the Master Crafter today! Did she send you here? Then welcome!!



Our “ingredients” are not much of a secret today. We are using Rounded Diamonds dies from Avery Elle! These correspond to a stamp set the JJ designed herself! Why dies? Because diecuts are one of JJ’s favorite card ingredients and she works magic with them!

Our second “ingredient” is not so much something materialistic as it is a crafting style. We are making Interactive Cards!! JJ makes some really fabulous interactive cards. I first got hooked on interactive cards after seeing one that JJ made. I think it was this card that got me to fall in love with interactive cards. So playing with JJ and making interactive cards is very special for me!


Want to see what we made? Here goes…


Enamel dots and sequins! How much more on-trend can Iron Craft get??!

Love JJ’s shaker card with sequins. Thats about the last inspiration I need to get going on a sequin shaker card myself! The bright colors are so much fun too!

As for my card, I made a pinwheel from the dies! Are you thinking that its interactive because the pinwheel moves? Um well the pinwheel doesn’t move. :O So where is the interactivity? Well take a look…


Yep! The pinwheel comes off and can be used as a cake topper! A gift and a card all-in-one for a birthday. Hows that for interactivity? 🙂

Want to see how I made the pinwheel? Here is a video! And you can see the pinwheel used as a cake topper at the end of the video!

Hope you enjoyed the Iron Craft episode! Do let me and JJ know if you liked it. And if you have some interactive cards to show off, leave a link in the comments… we’d love to visit and see what you made!!


  1. JJ Bolton

    This is so cute and so creative Chaitali! I love how the pinwheel turned out! Of course, the enamel dots are a great touch, lol!

    I love your enthusiasm and energy and I think it’s awesome that you started Iron Craft! Thank you for putting together such a great feature and for sharing your talents!


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