A Papercrafting Party!

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Hi everyone! I am joining in the party fun today for Ashley from Sweet Pea Lifestyle! She has a fun series going on called 31 days to successful entertaining and today’s topic is themed parties. Being a papercrafter, I would ofcourse like to throw a papercrafting themed party!!

I decided to pull in some of my previous works and showcase them here today to show what I’d do for a papercrafting party. First off papercrafting is a broad theme. I would narrow it down to making a few items that showcase my style. Today I’m listing 2 separate papercrafting party themes.

Theme 1: Put a little twist on it! (Interactive Cards)

Since I enjoy interactive cards the most, I’ll go with making interactive cards for the first party. They are fun to make and fun for the recipient as well. Shameless self plug: you should see my Surprise Me series if you like interactive cards 🙂

So getting on with the party… the card I picked was an Easel card. They are easy to make for a beginner and a great way to be introduced to papercrafting!

Here is the supply list for a basic easel card:

  1. Base cardstock to make the easel
  2. Patterned paper for the card front if any
  3. A brad or pop dots to make piece that will hold the easel in place when popped
  4. Stamps and inks
  5. Paper trimmer
  6. Adhesive

The list can be customized to suit your specific card and you can ask your guests to bring the basic supplies like paper trimmer and adhesive. It is also a versatile list so you can design your party to make 2-3 easel cards instead of just one! Lastly its a scalable list meaning you can easily provide all the items for a small or large group without worrying about extraordinary costs!

Want some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite easel cards. You can see all my easel cards here.

Valentine’s Day easel card
Fun with Nina’s Designs easel card

Theme 2: Anything-but-a-card! (Paper Gifts)

Most people associate papercrafting with cards. Sometimes with origami or other such forms of papercrafting but mostly with cards. This is you chance to throw a papercrafting party to make items that are NOT cards!

Looking for ideas? Here are a few of my favorites. You can get a lot more inspiration from my Pinterest board!

A desktop calendar
Post-it Note Holder

Some tips for a papercrafting party

Whatever theme you choose for your papercrafting party here are some common tips that should always apply!

  • Make sure to choose specific finished items. Too many choices may confuse your guests especially if they aren’t into papercrafting.
  • Choose projects that finish on time. Nobody likes to leave with a half-finished project. Choose projects that can be completed within the time allotted for your party.
  • Know your guests. They may have different levels of skills and interests.
  • Provide most of the supplies. Its important here to choose easy-to-find and reasonably priced supplies. So using your expensive or retired stamps may not be a good idea.
  • Leave room for creativity. Your guests may want to spread their wings so leave room in your projects for them to be creative. Maybe they will change the sentiment on a card or maybe they will use a different patterned paper. Give them choice!

Thats all for now folks! If you are planning a papercrafting party then I’ll look forward to your invitation 😉

Hope you liked the post! Do check out what Ashley has to say on themed parties for more ideas 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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