DPL Tips and Tricks: Missed Photo Op

I started Project Life again this year after having failed to keep up with it last year. I haven’t been sharing my Project Life pages because sharing my personal scrapbook makes me uncomfortable. But I would love to share tips and tricks related to it! So please read on if you are a Project Life enthusiast too…

This year I opted for the Digital version instead of the paper one. I have a ton of reasons for why it was better for me but I’ll save them for another post.

I have managed to keep up with DPL for 12 weeks this year now and have learnt a lot in the short time. So I would like to share what tips and tricks I learnt (some easily and some the hard way) in the short time I have been doing DPL.


Today’s tips are about Missed Photo Opportunities.

Even in the few short weeks that I have been doing Project Life, there have been several times when I have looked back at the week, slapped my head and thought “Oh darn! That was a perfectly good photo opportunity and I missed it!!” After the first few times I came up with a “formula” to deal with this. Here is an example…

Last week my husband and I went to watch the movie Oz. What a great photo opportunity to put it in my scrapbook. But I forgot! Here is what I put in my scrapbook instead…


I still had the tickets from the movie so took a photo of them and found the movie poster online. Both together made a cool 4X6 panel for my scrapbook. Along with a journaling card describing the date, I will remember the moment when I read through my scrapbook.

What I realised about missed photo opportunities is that I needed to learn to look at my Project Life book as a lot of visual and text cues to help me remember important events. And what makes you remember events need not just be photos. Words and other connected things help too. Its like having a deja vu feeling with sounds and smells.

Did you have a missed photo op moment? How did you deal with it? I would love to know! Do leave me a comment about it!

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