Iron Craft is delayed

Sorry for the late post folks. If you are here looking for today’s Iron Craft post, it is a bit delayed this week. Apologies for the delay but we will be back on Wednesday (mark your calendars!) with a super duper challenge and a very talented guest crafter!!

Meanwhile here is one of my old creations to keep you entertained 🙂

IMG_20111223_170701 (1)

I made this for an SCS swap a loong time ago! The Herringbone technique is a great way to use up all your scraps quickly. Speaking of using your scraps quickly, stay tuned for something fun coming up for that on my blog!! You will want to join in and play along if you are like me and have a giant pine of scraps at home 😀

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you will come back later this week for some more crafty fun!

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