TE Calendar Challenge

So I am a little late for this challenge. Or early. Depends on how you look at it 🙂 Ever since I got addicted to Taylored Expressions this year, I have wanted to participate in the TE Calendar Challenge. But I didn’t get to it until Christmas day this year.

It was my day to relax and spend at home doing some crafting! I wanted to make a special present for a good friend of ours and was rummaging through my craft closet to find what I could make when I came across the TE 2013 desktop calendar case and inserts that I had bought in Jan this year.

I knew that would be the perfect handmade gift! So got busy crafting and made the whole calendar in 1 day.

Yes, you heard that right — ONE day!!!

I started the calendar in a funny pattern from easiest to hardest months. Why were some harder than others you ask? Because its hard to think of sunshine and beaches and warm days when its cold and wet outside!
So I started with the latter half of the year first. The winter months were easy. Fall got over in WA recently so I had plenty of fresh inspiration for October and November. With all our skiing and ice skating activities over the holidays, December and January were easy.
February was pretty easy too given that my 6 new PTI Heart-2-Heart sets were sitting right in front of me waiting to be used. March to June were the toughest! I had to look at some of our summer photos and the cards I made in summer for inspiration. I think I did ok.
July, August and September were harder still. I always think of them as the “middle” months. They feel like those months when you are not really sure if its still summer but its not yet winter either. I went with the first thing I thought of for each of those months — July: Party! August: Flowers! and September: School!
Here are all of them together.

And all the links:

I didn’t really have the challenge in mind when I started making this project but once I was all done with it and took photos, I looked up the deadline on TE’s site. I was delighted to see I had a few more days to go and could submit my entries in time!
If you are determined to do it before the year end then you still have 3 more days… you can do it! 
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Lynne in NI

    Love your calendar and congrats on your win! I’d been making my calendar all year, and still ended up a last minute rush to get Decembers page ready in time to give it as a pressie! Next time I think I’ll do it all in one day too!


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