Diwali Bloghop Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the bloghop!! Today’s theme is anything-but-a-card. That means home decor, gifts, 3D items, anything goes so long as it is NOT a card!

Remember I mentioned lighting lamps in our homes for Diwali in yesterday’s post? They are called diyas and are usually little clay lamps painted and decorated for the festival. I didn’t have clay lamps or the tools to make any and didn’t want to have an open flame unattended inside our home. So here is what I came up with:

I started with a small glass bottle, the kind used for storing spices. Wrapped some ribbon around the middle and top to give it the shiny, elegant look. I cut out another diya design I made on my Silhouette Cameo and stuck it such that the flame of the cutout corresponded with the flame of the lamp. The lamp inside is a flameless tealight. I am happy with the result of how it looks, especially in the dark!

The next thing I have to show you today is a gift item. One of the traditions of Diwali is to give money envelopes to the younger members of the family. Since we will be in India this year for Diwali, I thought it would be useful to make  a few money envelopes to give. Here is my design for them:

The central symbol on them is Ganesha, one of the Hindu gods. He is the bringer of prosperity and good luck in our homes.

I used some of the handmade paper my husband brought me from India on his last trip to make this card. The Ganesha cutout is again from my Cameo using a file I designed. Here are some more pictures of the envelope:

Open envelope with an Indian Rupee note
Close-up of Ganesha

The last thing I have to show you today relates to cards but isn’t a card. I had mentioned in my post yesterday that I made several cards to mail out to friends and family in US this year. I couldn’t bring myself to stick on a standard stamp on the envelopes! I wanted something more in the spirit of the festival so I designed a stamp and got it printed on Zazzle. Here is the stamp:

Now for today’s giveaway! Here are the cutting files for today. I have another Diya file, the one I used for my candle and the Ganesha file from my envelope:

Now please continue on to Smriti’s blog for the bloghop! The full list of all of us doing the bloghop is below:

And if you would like to play along, please leave your name and blogpost link below! Do leave us a comment if you are enjoying the bloghop!


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